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StEPs Lab 8: Collections Care You Can Do and What to Leave to Conservators

Museums hold collections in trust for the public. With that trust comes the duty of care. But with the duty of care comes the requirement that we not endanger collection items through improper practices or treatment. Where, however, is the line between what we can and can’t do?

We’ll discuss specific preventive conservation practices you can perform and those you should leave for a conservator. Here’s your chance to ask those nagging questions you have regarding collections stewardship and preventive conservation practices. Our guest speaker is Scott Carrlee, Curator of Museum Services, Alaska State Museum. For almost ten years, Scott has provided information and technical support to local history organizations in Alaska so he is very familiar with challenges faced by small museums. He is also a trained conservator, having worked at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the National Museum of the American Indian. Scott was active in the piloting of StEPs and contributed to the Small Museum Toolkit.


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