Continuing Education Testimonials

For years, AASLH Continuing Education programs have reach hundreds of history professionals at every stage of their career. Whether you’re new to the field, a seasoned professional, or a volunteer looking to develop your skills, our webinars, onsite workshops, and online courses make it easy for you to learn from knowledgeable leaders in the field, in accessible formats, while engaging with colleagues from around the nation.


Onsite Workshops

“I felt material was presented very well and that presenters were knowledgeable, well-informed, and valuable.”IMG_1749

“Presenter was great, welcomed questions, and encouraged discussion. The variety of small groups, lecture, and viewing the exhibit, and especially hearing from curators and installers.”

“Breakout groups and discussions were extremely helpful. Coming up with ideas for my scenarios helped me develop ideas for my own programming.”

“The site placed discussion in context of city filled with so much history.”

” The presenter is a natural and she tried to adapt to our situation.”



  “The topic itself was jusMax A. van Balgooy (2)t wonderful. I had read about the topic before, but hearing live people speak about it really made it stick with me.”

  “Each segment was well presented and allowing live chats during the webinar was especially appreciated. Additionally, providing the downloads for use      with our organizations is extremely valuable.”

  “Really enjoyed the topic, and look forward to future ‘hot topics’ webinars. Conversation among colleagues in the chat function was robust. I look     forward to these opportunities to engage with colleagues.”

  “Don’t know where to start – I’ve got pages of new ideas that can be implemented immediately!”


Online Courses

“I liked the forum in which you could ask more specific questions. I also liked the fact that I could work on the class on my own time and not at a set time every dDSCN0437ay.”

“Not knowing anything when I first started this course I feel I have learned a lot to put me on the right path. The networking was also invaluable.”

“The easy-to-use layout made participating less intimidating. The information and presenter were on point with my expectations and needs. Thus, these factors contributed to a great experience.”




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