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Webinar: Uncovering Hidden History: How Small Museums Benefit from Having an Archive

June 20

Documents, letters, diaries, photographs and other archival collections held by small museums and local organizations contain rich history that often goes unexplored because staff and volunteers don’t have time to fully process the materials.

Unprocessed archival collections are also physically inaccessible, adding yet another layer of complications that make their use by staff, volunteers, researchers, and others even more unlikely. And while intentions by the museum or local organization to care for these materials are good and honorable, long term preservation suffers if the items are not stored properly.

Here’s where small museums, historical societies, churches, fraternal organizations, and other groups can take a lesson from archivists. Join us for this webinar as we look at how your organization can begin to take steps to implement archival methods of organizing paper collections differently than how you process artifact donations.

Guest speakers Debra Schiff, Regina Gorham and Carol Smith will discuss the benefits of having better organized collections and a much richer history to share with your community. They will also talk about the hazards of leaving archival collections unprocessed. Participants will hear about a variety of resources available to help small museums and local groups take the first steps in organizing an archives within their collection.

Event Details:

Date: June 20, 2018

Time: 3-4 pm Eastern (be sure to adjust for your time zone)

Cost: $40 members/$65 non-members. Organizations enrolled in the StEPs program receive a $15 discount if they use the promo code found on the StEPs Community website


This webinar is part of the StEPs Lab series of webinars offered to both StEPs participants and all others interested in the topic of collections management and care. Applying what you learn in a StEPs Lab to your policies and practices helps your organization make meaningful progress.

In this webinar, participants will learn:

  1. Basic differences between how archival collections are organized vs. typical artifact accessioning and cataloging; also, how a blending of such systems can be used.
  2. The benefits to a community, researchers, and others of having archival collections fully accessible;
  3. The hazards of unprocessed archival collections;
  4. Resources for getting started in implementing archives practices.