Project Management For History Professionals

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Upcoming Project Management Courses:

Onsite Workshop: March 8-9, 2017 in Dallas, Texas
Online: April 10-May 5, 2017

Project Management for History Professionals provides valuable instruction in planning, managing and successfully completing projects of all types. In this course, you will learn how to implement internationally recognized project management principles in a history context. This recently redesigned course instruction consists of four modules to successful project management:

  • Define (creating a project charter, setting initial objectives, identifying risks and constraints, and more)
  • Plan (developing a schedule, budget, etc.)
  • Manage (providing feedback, negotiating for resources and resolving differences)
  • Review (turning over deliverables, documentation and more)

Using real project ideas, participants apply project management principles to create a project charter and scope diagram that help them return home equipped to begin or continue their project in an efficient, orderly and open manner.

“Project management is usually discussed in terms of software development or construction management. It was so helpful to see its value within a humanities context. This is some of the best professional development I have ever experienced. Excellent instruction.” –2015 workshop participant

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Who Should Take Part in this Course?

Project Management is valuable training for staff at all levels. And, whether your work involves exhibitions, education and programs, planning, fundraising, collections, historic preservation or the many other tasks staff at history organizations address every day, you will leave this workshop with new skills, ideas and tools for successfully completing projects.

How Can I Take this Course?

AASLH offers Project Management in two ways:

Online Course: Project Management is available online three times per year. This recently redesigned course consists of four modules that include assignments, quizzes, and other activities. While the first week’s module is guided, the rest are self-paced. Weekly online chats provide opportunities for students to interact with the instructor and each other. Students should expect to spend five to seven hours per week on the course.

Onsite Workshop: Project Management workshops are offered twice a year. Sessions are two days in length. Locations vary every year. Participants are responsible for all hotel and transportation fees.

Project Management is taught by Steven Hoskins, Ph.D., author of AASLH’s Technical Leaflet (#260) “Calculating Risk: A Guide to Project Management for History Professionals.”


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