Small Museum Pro! is a professional certificate program* for history practitioners who work or would like to work, in Small Museum Prosmall local museums. It provides practical guidance and education on variety of topics, museum management, collections management, object care and light conservation, program development and implementation, and how to develop exhibitions.

The courses in this program are organized for working professionals, being a shorter program than a college degree, and the classes are designed around the key areas necessary for success in a small history-minded organization.

To obtain a certificate, participants will need to complete all five Small Museum Pro! online classes. The classes may be taken in any order, at your own pace, whenever the course is offered.

Current course offerings include:

Registration for Winter-Spring 2018 courses to open in Fall 2017

Leadership and Administration in History Organizations (January 22-March 23, 2018 and Fall 2018)

$195 AASLH members/$295 nonmembers

This course proposes that museum administration and leadership matter, regardless the size or focus of your organization. Topics include governance and administrative structure, nonprofit status, mission and vision, board and staff responsibilities, the relationship between board and staff, strategic planning, human resource management, and leadership.

Collections Management (January 29-March 30, 2018 and Fall 2018) 
$195 AASLH members/$295 nonmembers

This eight week course will introduce participants to the professional principles and practices in the management of museum collections. Topics will include collections development, registration and record keeping with an emphasis on the development of Collection Policies and Procedures and what it means to be intellectually and physically responsible for museum objects.

Caring for Museum Collections (April 16-June 15, 2018 and Fall 2018)
$195 AASLH members/$295 nonmembers

This eight week course will deal with the physical care and preservation of your museum collections. This practical course will cover how collections age and deteriorate, handling collections, storage requirements, environmental considerations, housekeeping, and risk management.

Developing Exhibitions (Part 1: January 22-March 23, 2018, Part 2: Summer 2018, and Fall 2018-Winter 2019)
$195 AASLH members/$295 nonmembers

This two part class is about how to put together an exhibition, from deciding what it will be about and why, to gathering, creating and arranging all the elements for visitors.  You’ll learn a lot from your classmates – from their own experiences and from the resources that they share with all of us.  And you’ll learn the best way: by doing – you will develop an actual exhibit over the course of the two-part class.

Museum Education and Outreach (March 25 – May 05, 2018 and Fall 2018)
$195 AASLH members/$295 nonmembers

At their heart, regardless of type or size, museums are educational organizations. This course is about how we can facilitate visitors’ meaningful and memorable experiences in the informal environments of museums.


Class sizes are limited. Some courses have required readings that need to be purchased separately–please see each individual course for more information.

*Small Museum Pro! is a certificate program. Participants do not receive Continuing Education Credits or official certification in any of the courses listed above.


For more information, contact Bethany Hawkins, Chief of Operations.

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