StEPs UP Day – April 30, 2014

StEPs Up Day 2014This page contains the information provided to participants in the StEPs UP Day! Stewardship of Collections all-day webinar event held April 30, 2014. The link to the recording will be posted here after the event. The handouts discussed and made available by the presenters for this event are listed after the Recordings.

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Morning Recording – 2 hrs 3 min. There are technical difficulties with the audio at 1 hour 35 minutes.

Afternoon Recording – 2 hrs 25 min

General Resources

Stewardship of Collections workbook section

AASLH Statement of Professional Standards and Ethics (updated 2012)

Capitalization of Collections, AASLH Position Paper (2003)

American Alliance of Museums Code of Ethics

Connecting to Collections Webinars, Heritage Preservation’s Connecting to Collections Online Community

Sustaining Places, University of Delaware Museum Studies Program, offers an excellent collection of print and video resources.

Ellen Endslow’s Recommended Resources
Session: “Numbers and Cataloging and Forms, Oh My!”

Chester County Historical Society Sample Collections Forms

Collections Trust (UK): Labelling and Marking Booklet

Delfino, Gina Nicole. “Recommendations for Applying Accession Numbers.” Technical Bulletin 42. Oklahoma Museums Association

Malaro, Marie C. A Legal Primer on Managing Museum Collections, third ed., Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Press, 2012.

Nomenclature 3.0 for Museum Cataloging Robert G. Chenhall’s System for Classifying Man-Made Objects. AltaMira Press/AASLH, 2010.

Perry, Kenneth D., editor. The Museum Forms Book. Austin: Texas Association of Museums. No longer in print but you might find used copies through Amazon or other sellers.

Allyn Lord’s Recommended Resources
Session: “Transparency (and a Code of Ethics) Will Set You Free!”

Edson, Gary, ed. Museum Ethics. New York: Routledge, 1997.

Elsner, John and Roger Cardinal, eds. The Cultures of Collecting. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University, Press, 1994.

Ethics Toolkit, Ethics Resource Center. Accessed 27 April 2014

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Dyani Feige’s Recommended Resources
Afternoon Collections Care Session

British Library, National Preservation Office. “Good Handling Principles and Practice for Library and Archive Materials”. February 2000.

Chicago Historical Society.  “Exhibit Conservation Guidelines for the Chicago Historical Society.” 

Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts. “Selecting Storage Materials.” 2012. 

Minnesota Historical Society Conservation and Museum Collections Departments and the Historic Sites Division.  Historic Housekeeping Handbook. Minnesota Historical Society, 2000.


Scott Carrlee’s Recommended Resources
Afternoon Collections Care Session

Ellen Carrlee’s blog on integrated pest management 

Field Services Alliance (check to see if your state has a field services alliance office or other organization that may have environmental monitoring equipment for loan)