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More Free Resources

  • Technical Leaflet 286: Choosing a Collections Management System: Appendix
    This appendix to Technical Leaflet 286: Choosing a Collections Management System includes comparisons of several CMS companies and their options for different applications and institution types.
  • 101 Ideas for New Revenue
    This publications features new and creative ideas for generating new revenue at your institution, no matter its size. Developed from recommendations from around the field, this publication is sure to spark inspiration!
  • Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts
    The College Art Association has created a useful guide to navigating the tricky situations about copyright and reproducing images at your site.
  • Are you Adequately Protecting Your Museum?
    The Virginia Association of Museums (VAM) has put together a helpful white paper to guide you through assessing risks at your museum and brainstorming risk management techniques. In “Are You Adequately Protecting Your Museum? Risk management questions every museum should ask” by Mike Harding, checklists and key questions are designed to help you discover hidden risks and plan for emergencies and the unexpected
  • Create.Connect Report
    Create.Connect, an indoor, year-round exhibition for families at Conner Prairie, was created in 2014 to weave together history and STEM through the use of hands-on activities, historical settings and live facilitation. It’s a testing ground for new ways to integrate history and STEM with the goal of making our nation’s history museums and sites new venues for learning about science, technology, engineering and math.
  • A Call for Gender Equity in the Museum Workplace
    “A Call for Gender Equity in the Museum Workplace” discusses the history of museum workplace discrimination in hiring, promotion, and pay and calls for museums to make equality a priority through fair and transparent policies.
  • Strengthening Networks, Sparking Change: Museums and Libraries as Community Catalysts
    Strengthening Networks, Sparking Change: Museums and Libraries as Community Catalysts combines findings from a literature scan and input from the library, museum and community revitalization fields with case studies about the experiences and vision of museums and libraries working to spur change in their communities.
  • Visitors Voices Resource List: Audience Research and Evaluation in History Museums and Related Institutions
    To encourage more audience research and evaluation in history institutions, the AASLH Visitors’ Voices group compiled an annotated list of print and electronic resources to help colleagues begin or expand their audience research and evaluation efforts.
  • StEPs Resource: Sample Collections Policy
    The Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs’ Collections Policy serves as a useful model for historical agencies managing collections.
  • StEPs Resource: Sample Deed of Gift
    The Historical Society of Central Florida’s Deed of Gift Form serves as a useful model for organizations updating or creating a new form, and to use with donations to the organization.
  • StEPs Resource: Sample Deaccession Recommendation Form
    This deaccession form ensures all the proper procedures for deaccessioning an object have been completed and provide documentation for this process.
  • StEPs Resource: Sample Incoming Loan Condition Report Form
    This form is a useful model for collecting organizations drafting a new or updating an old incoming loan form.
  • StEPs Resource: Sample Donor Questionnaire
    This donor questionnaire from the Historical Society of Central Florida provides space for thorough documentation of an object’s history, including information on all previous owners, what the object is made of, and how the object was used.
  • StEPs Resource: Sample Volunteer Handbook
    The Chester County Historical Society’s volunteer handbook outlines the history of the organization, policies and procedures of the organization, the committees and projects volunteers can serve or work on, and the floor plan of the history center.
  • StEPs Resource: Sample Temporary Custody Receipt
    The Historical Society of Central Florida provides a detailed temporary custody receipt that contains all the crucial components to acknowledge items have been received.
  • StEPs Resource: Sample Object Tracking Form
    This Object Tracking Form can be used to log the date, items, location, reason, and authority for moving, removing, and returning objects into an institution’s collection.
  • StEPs Resource: Sample Incoming Condition Report
    This is a sample incoming condition report for objects in a historical organization's collections.
  • StEPs Resource: Sample Outgoing Condition Report
    This is a sample outgoing condition report for objects in a historical organization's collections.
  • Sample Social Media Plan for Events
    This resource is a generic form from Marketo that will aid in social meeting marketing for events.
  • Ethics Position Paper #3: Repurposing of a Historic House/Site
    This ethics position paper is designed to provide guidance to institutions considering the future of their organization and the potential repurposing of a historic house/site.