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  • Recorded Webinar: AASLH Conversations: Monuments and Memory
    RECORDED ON JUL. 9, 2020 | AASLH Conversations: Monuments and Memory is an AASLH recorded webinar. In this webinar, Ashleigh Lawrence-Sanders of the University of Dayton, Estevan Rael-Galvez of Creative Strategies 360°, and Todd Groce of the Georgia Historical Society address the connections between the current wave of protests and the nation's rapidly changing commemorative landscape. This conversation has been made possible in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities: Exploring the human endeavor. A copy of the closed captioning transcript is available at this link:
  • Ethics Position Paper: Valuing History Collections
    This paper addresses what it means for an organization to treat its collections as financial assets and provides guidance for implementing AASLH’s position.
  • Technical Leaflet 286: Choosing a Collections Management System: Appendix
    This appendix to Technical Leaflet 286: Choosing a Collections Management System includes comparisons of several CMS companies and their options for different applications and institution types.
  • 101 Ideas for New Revenue
    This publications features new and creative ideas for generating new revenue at your institution, no matter its size. Developed from recommendations from around the field, this publication is sure to spark inspiration!
  • Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts
    The College Art Association has created a useful guide to navigating the tricky situations about copyright and reproducing images at your site.