Interpreting Immigration at Museums and Historic Sites

Publish Date: 05/01/2018

Interpreting Immigration at Museums and Historic Sites

Dina Bailey (ed.)

Interpreting Immigration includes strategies for the design, implementation, marketing and sustaining of programs that help visitors use the lens of history to address contemporary immigration issues and provides: 

  • Case studies from eight regionally diverse institutions including ethnic identity museums, immigration museums and local history sites
  • Piloted and evaluated immigration program designs including models for exhibit development, art-based interpretation, school programs, adult programs and neighborhood walking tours
  • Audience building strategies
  • A tested evaluation toolkit for measuring institutional success
  • Lessons learned through the National Dialogues on Immigration Project, a cross-regional series of public programs designed to spark a national conversation on critical immigration topics like citizenship, American identity, border control, freedom of movement, and civil liberties.

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