Managing People and Projects in Museums: Strategies That Work

Publish Date: 07/01/2017

Managing People and Projects in Museums: Strategies That Work

Martha Morris

In Managing People and Projects in Museums, readers will discover a practical guide to managing projects and important lessons about the critical role of individuals in the museum workplace. The chapters are illustrated with the experiences and observations of the author and other museum professionals as well as literature from the field. Specifically, the book covers organizational behavior theory, strategic planning, and staffing and human resource development, contemporary leadership challenges, and ethical decision-making. The book provides details on selecting projects, and creating policies that support sound decision systems. Additional topics covered include: the steps in planning a project including chartering, establishing timelines and assigning roles, and developing budgets. Several management issues that are common pitfalls in museum projects are highlighted, including means of resolving conflict. The text examines the formation of high performing teams with an emphasis on understanding individual differences and communications, and the important role of the project manager. The final chapters of the book include tips on evaluation of project success and a set of nine actual case studies from a variety of types and sizes of museums. The Appendix includes helpful project decision templates, charters, and other management tools used by museums today, along with hypothetical exercises.

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