Registration Methods for the Small Museum (5th edition)

Publish Date: 07/01/2017

Registration Methods for the Small Museum

Fifth Edition

Karen M. DePauw

Registration Methods for the Small Museum has been the definitive guide to registration methodology for small museums since 1978. The book covers all aspects of the registration process and provides practical solutions for the small museum professional in a concise, readable manner. This step-by-step guide begins with developing policy and takes the reader through acquisition, numbering, accessioning, documentation, loans, and deaccessioning. It is a great introduction to both manual and computer systems and can help those that are unfamiliar with museum registration systems learn more about their collections. The fifth edition updates the handbook to fit the registration systems in today’s small museums and provides additional forms that weren’t in previous additions of the book. 

Features include: 
  • Easy to understand forms and templates
  • Overviews of both manual and computer registration systems
  • Overview of the acquisition process
  • Overview of the cataloging process
  • Overviews of museum loans
  • Examples of a collections policy and registration manual for a small museum
  • Guidance for small museums on how to create a new registration system or interpret the one they have

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