History News Summer 2018

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History News is the official magazine of AASLH. Each quarterly issue includes featured articles, regular columns, and a Technical Leaflet. 

Table of Contents: On Doing Local History: The Stuff of History by Carol Kammen; The Whole is Greater: Getting in the Door Is the Battle by Alima Bucciantini; New Directions for La Casa Cordova: Recentering the Latinx Past and Present in Tucson by Lydia R. Otero; Failing Forward: NUEVOlution! Latinos and the New South by Kate Baillon, Janeen Bryant, and Kamille Bostick; Giving Upsale Its Best Shot: Returning a House Museum to a Private Residence by David Young, Thompson Mayes, and Carrie Villar; Public History in Hong Kong: A Survey by Benjamin Hruska; Awards Spotlight: Scripture Rocks Heritage Park by Melinda Meyer; Technical Leaflet #283: Fundraising Basics for Local History Organizations by Jamie Simek; Reviews: Fostering Family History Services: A Guide for Librarians, Archivists, and Volunteers (rev. Lila Teresa Church); Managing Previously Unmanaged Collections: A Practical Guide for Museums (rev. Christina Bulow). Summer 2018.


History News Summer 2018
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