History News 2022, Vol. 77 #4

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History News 2022 Volume 77, #4

Table of Contents: History in Progress by Avi Decter and Ken Yellis; Collaborative Commemorations: Working with Communities on Historic Anniversaries by Kristen Bailey and Danielle Petrak; Supporting Rural Teachers with the National Council for History Education by Sarah Drake Brown and Regina Holland; Visual Storytelling in Small Spaces: Arnold O. Beckman at Work by Kaerie Ray; The Digital Age: Technological Advancements at Small Museums by Adriana Dunn, Ciara Fisk, Edward Castleman, and Francesca Manard; Award Winner Spotlight: History Colorado KKK Ledgers Rollout Project; Technical Leaflet #300: Forming a Local 250th Commission by Johanna Porr Yaun.


HN 77 #4
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