Civic Education and Engagement Resource Kit

As the public history community prepares to commemorate the 250th anniversary of American Independence in 2026, the theme of civics has been brought to the forefront of planning conversations. The Semiquincentennial presents an unequaled opportunity for renewing civic education and engagement by interrogating the history and legacy of the United States’ founding, from the successes and failures to the evolution of democracy and citizenship. Inspired by the possibilities the 250th holds to revive civic dialogue, this Civic Education and Engagement Resource Kit includes AASLH conference sessions, History News articles, a technical leaflet, book recommendations, guides, award winners, and 250th anniversary materials, as well as outside organizations and readings, to inform current public history practices, planning for the Semiquincentennial, and beyond. Resources in this kit address topics such as the role history plays in reinforcing civic education, how public history institutions can support educators and a public eager to learn, and the value of partnerships between museums and civic organizations.

A full annotated guide to these resources, including details and summaries, can be found here.

Past Conference Sessions

History News Articles and Technical Leaflets

Leadership in History Award Winners


Award of Excellence: Senator John Heinz History Center for the exhibit American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith


Award of Excellence: Alabama Department of Archives and History for the project We the People: Alabama’s Defining Documents

Award of Excellence: Museum of the American Revolution for the exhibit Hamilton Was Here: Rising Up in Revolutionary Philadelphia


History in Progress Award & Award of Excellence: New-York Historical Society for The Citizenship Project

Award of Excellence: Arkansas Declaration of Learning for the project Arkansas Declaration of Learning – Year Three and Four

Award of Excellence: Freedom’s Way Heritage Association for the public program Declaring Independence: Then & Now


Award of Merit: Indiana Historical Society for the project Indiana History for the Secondary Classroom

Award of Merit: State Historical Museum of Iowa for the exhibit First in the Nation: Shaping Presidential Politics Since 1972

Outside Resources