Small Museum Pro! Certificate Progress

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Small Museum Pro! (SMP!) is a professional certificate program for history practitioners who work or would like to work, in small history organizations. It provides practical guidance and education on a variety of topics. To receive a certificate, applicants must complete and pass five courses from the program. Eligible courses are listed below.  

As you earn credits toward the Small Museum Pro! certificate, your progress will update in the box above. Please make sure you are logged in to see your progress. Once you have completed and passed five courses from the program, your certificate of completion will be available to print. If you believe you have earned the appropriate amount of credits and your certificate has not populated in the box above, please email for assistance. 

Eligible SMP! Courses:

  • Caring for Museum Collections
  • Collections Management 100
  • Collections Management 200
  • Developing Exhibitions
  • Introduction to Financial Management
  • Introduction to Museum Endowments
  • Leadership and Administration for History Organizations
  • Museum Education and Outreach
  • Best Practices for Inclusive Workspaces

Each course is offered twice a year, but class sizes are limited to provide for an engaging experience. Please visit the course catalog for individual course descriptions and more information on course style and requirements. 

Upcoming SMP! Courses

Collections Management 100 - Collection Development (Fall 2024) - Online Course
August 26 - October 18, 2024 | In this course, participants will learn about the general principles underlying the idea of being a “collecting organization,” and how collections support the mission of a museum or history organization. Students will explore the purpose of a Collection Management Policy and how it relates to other core museum documents, create the Foundational Statements and Collection Development sections of their collections management policy and operationalize those components using example objects.
Best Practices For Inclusive Workspaces (Fall 2024) - Online Course
August 26 - September 27, 2024 | This course differs from the Arcus course because it takes a deep dive into the background and needs for inclusivity through diversity and equitable efforts, a road map for business development, and implementation strategies. This course will also discuss the corporate benefits and advantages of DEI programs and initiate and assist with benchmark development for success metrics. Course Highlight: Organizational Change Management Authentic Leadership Strategic Leadership Development (mentorship, sponsorship, and succession planning) Process Improvement
Leadership and Administration for History Organizations (Fall 2024) - Online Course
August 26 - October 18, 2024 | Leadership and Administration for History Organizations is an AASLH online course. This eight-week course, taught by instructor Anne Ackerson, covers governance and administrative structure, nonprofit status, mission and vision, board and staff responsibilities, the relationship between board and staff, strategic planning, human resource management, and leadership. Successful completion of this course will earn one credit toward the Small Museum Pro! certificate from AASLH.