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Doing History in Polarized Times - Recording Bundle
Thursday and Friday, February 8 & 9, 2024 Political and cultural divisions in America today pose great challenges to the history field. While research shows that there is actually broad public support for a full and honest portrayal of American history, there are also basic disagreements that persist. How can our field navigate disputes about the past, build on areas of consensus, and make the most of the transformative potential of the coming U.S. 250th anniversary? Across two afternoons, this virtual summit will explore recent research, emerging strategies, and case studies to help history practitioners work more effectively in today’s fractious discourse. We will also consider the needs of history doers working in this difficult environment and our field’s role in identifying common ground and connecting past and present.
The Powerful Resilience of Small Museums - Virtual Summit - Recording Bundle
This is a recording of the summit that originally occurred on December 5 & 6, 2023 The Small Museum Virtual Summit will . . . · Be a program developed by small museums for small museums, · Provide practical ideas as well as aspirational/inspirational ones, · Celebrate the creativity and resourcefulness of small museums.
Opening Plenary - Day 1 - The Powerful Resilience of Small Museums - Small Museums Summit - Recorded Webinar
Small Is Our Superpower! What makes small museums more resilient and creative than many of their larger peers? Why is being small an advantage for many museums? The summit will kick off with a brief overview of small museums data from AASLH’s Census of History Organizations to show the scope of small museums. Then a group of small museum directors will discuss what they see as the unfair advantage of small museums and why their size is often their superpower.
Recorded Webinar: Active Collections: How to Create a Leaner Collection for Greater Impact
Active Collections: How to Create a Leaner Collection for Greater Impact is an AASLH Continuing Education recorded webinar. This webinar is about new approaches to collections development, cataloging, policy, deaccessioning. This event is presented by Elee Wood, Rainey Tisdale, and Trevor Jones.
Discussion of the Unfinished Revolution: Place, Environment, and Social Justice in the 250th - Recorded Webinar
THIS IS A RECORDING OF THE WEBINAR ORIGINALLY GIVEN August 23, 2023 | 3 - 4 PM ET | - Members of AASLH's Climate & Sustainability Affinity Group share ideas about how the history of climate and the environment (and deepening understanding of environment and social justice connections) can inform research and development of public programming related to the U.S. Semiquincentennial. Using a popcorn format, Carpenter will address “What is the historic value of place in the context of unfinished revolution,” Reid will share “How does environmental & climate history inform us about places over time,” and Robinson will consider “How do ongoing place-based projects realize this potential”?
Sustainability, Relevance, and the Future of Historic House Museums - Historic House Museum Virtual Summit Recording Bundle
A bundle of all the recordings of the 2023 AASLH Historic House museum Virtual Summit
Sustainability, Relevance, and the Future - Opening Plenary - Where Are We Now - Summit Recording
July 11: 12 - 1:30 pm EST - Attendees from the 2007 Kykuit Forum will discuss the findings from that summit and how local, state, national, and global changes to our world have impacted our field.
Sustainability, Relevance and the Future - Day 2 - Opening Plenary - Am I in a Rut? Inspiration from Creative Historic House Interpretation - Summit Recording
July 12: 12 - 1:30pm EST - Representatives from historic sites in Massachusetts, Louisiana, and England will share creative ways they have tried to engage with visitors on different levels than a typical tour. Be prepared to be inspired by their creativity and steal some ideas!
Sustainability, Relevance and the Future - Day 2 / Panel 3 - Preserving Sites for the Future: How Can We Be the Best Stewards of Buildings and Landscapes? - Summit Recording
Historic buildings and landscapes are, by nature, irreplaceable artifacts. While we may have carefully designed emergency plans to protect these unique resources, how do we ensure that we are best stewarding these assets when modern, commercially available solutions may not be appropriate? As life—and our climate—becomes increasingly unpredictable, it’s important to remain agile, responsive, and calm. While you cannot plan for EVERYTHING, you can be prepared to deal with almost anything. Join our panel to discuss how they approach unanticipated threats to historic buildings and landscapes and offer ways to be prepared when a “plan” doesn’t exist.