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Meeting of the Membership

  • AASLH Meeting of the Membership

    Includes a Live Web Event on 09/30/2021 at 3:00 PM (EDT)

    SEPT. 30, 2021 | 3 - 4 PM ET | Join us online for the 2021 Annual Business Meeting of the association. We’ll update you on the state of AASLH and the field and welcome new Council members while recognizing those who have served. Bring your questions for AASLH Chair Norman Burns, President & CEO John Dichtl, Secretary Dina Bailey, and Treasurer Rebekah Beaulieu.

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Webinars are online discussions, typically lasting 60 to 75 minutes including a Q&A session. During each live webinar, you can use the Q&A and Chat features to type messages and questions to the panelists and other participants. Webinars are recorded so you can re-watch whenever you want.

Book Talk: Interpreting Slavery with Children and Teens
OCT. 19, 2021 | 3 - 4 PM ET | Kristin Gallas, co-editor of Interpreting Slavery at Museums and Historic Sites (2014), discusses her new book Interpreting Slavery with Children and Teens (Oct. 2021) and the importance of creating appropriate programming for all ages on this essential topic. Developing successful experiences—school programs, field trips, family tours—about slavery is more than just historical research and some hands-on activities. It requires empathy, respect, and willingness to engage in dialogue with young learners. Join the author as she shares findings from her research and answers questions about creating brave spaces for interpretation.

Online Courses

Online Courses are typically between four to eight weeks long. They offer each student a chance to engage deeply with subject material over an extended period of time, all at their own pace. Keep on track with regular video chats and other interactions with accessible faculty, and discuss the course material with classmates in online forums.

Click here for a look at the 2021 Course Schedule.

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Workshops are one to two day in-person training events. We offer between 8-10 workshops every year in various locations around the country. Each workshop offers participants a chance to engage in intensive learning and discussion with faculty and classmates.

AASLH will begin scheduling onsite workshops again in 2022. 

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