History News Autumn 2020

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History News Summer 2020 Volume 75, #4

Table of Contents: History in Progress: Digital Engagement Beyond Social Media by Brooke Garcia; The Whole is Greater: Democratizing Curation with TENACITY by Beth Maloney, Kate Egner Gruber, Rahul Gupta, and Evelyn Orantes; Stand Up, Don’t Stand By: History Work as Solution by Christy Coleman; Naturally Beautiful: Finding Environmental Advocacy in a Historic House Museum by Michelle Fitzgerald, Julia Rose, and Ian Waggoner; Centering Truths, Not So Evident: Reimagining the Santa Fe Soldiers’ Monument by Estevan Rael-Gálvez, Ph.D.; Valuing History Collections by the AASLH Standards and Ethics Committee; Award Winner Spotlight: Three Sites Explore Community Connections to America’s Prisons by Christy Crisp; Book Reviews: QuiltSpeak: Uncovering Women's Voices through Quilts by Diana Bell-Kite; Kōkua Aku, Kōkua Mai: Chiefs, Missionaries, and Five Transformations of the Hawaiian Kingdom by Thomas Woods (ed.); Doing History with Cree language teacher Belinda (kakiyosew) Daniels; Technical Leaflet #292: Museums as Polling Sites: How Your Organization Can Serve Voters by Charles A. Hyde. 


History News Autumn 2020
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