History News Spring 2021

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History News Spring 2021 Volume 76, #2

Table of Contents: History in Progress: Straws in the Wind:  Signs of Change in American Museums by Avi Decter and Ken Yellis; Curating During a Pandemic: A Lesson in Democracy and Open Air by Beth Maloney and Claire Mullins; Partners in Time: A Model for Meaningful Museum-School Collaborations by Meredith Leonard; Joy, Genealogy, and Justice: Connecting to History through Family Research by Adrienne Fikes; Crossing Cultural Divides in Hamtramck by Greg Kowalski; Award Winner Spotlight: Interpreting the Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919; Doing History with the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience; Technical Leaflet #294: Creating Digital Content for Museums and Historic Sites by Mark Breske and Liz Hobson.


History News Spring 2021
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Open to download resource.