History News Summer 2016

History News is the official magazine of AASLH. Each quarterly issue includes featured articles, regular columns, and a Technical Leaflet. Table of Contents:On Doing Local History: Two Grandfathers by Carol Kammen; History Bytes: The End Tim Grove; If It Was Easy, Anyone Could Do It: Training Professionals for History Institutions by Rick Beard; Grappling with Unfolding Events by Jason Crabill, Melanie A. Adams, and Kyle McKoy; Why Old Places Matter by Thompson Mayes; Keeping History Above Water by Sarah W. Sutton; Speaking History to Power: History Policy Briefings in the Classroom by Jessica Choppin Roney; Award Winner Spotlight: Sharing Nashville's Civil Rights Past with the Police by Laura Caldwell Anderson. Summer 2016.


History News Summer 2016
Open to download resource.
Open to download resource. History News Summer 2016