History News Summer 2020

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History News Summer 2020 Volume 75, #3

Table of Contents: History in Progress: Socials: Not Just for Ice Cream Anymore by Sean BlinnThe Whole is Greater: Pausing to Decolonize: Now Is the Time by Brandie Macdonald and Micah Parzen; Monuments and Memory By Ashleigh Lawrence-Sanders, Estevan Rael-Gálvez, and W. Todd Groce; Making a Statement: History Organizations Speak on Racial Injustice By Scott Alvey, W. Todd Groce, and Steve Murray; Commemorating 1945: Victory, Liberation, and Reckoning By AASLH Members; Self-Sufficiency Through Living History Museums By Zachary Stocks; Award Winner Spotlight: Illuminating Idaho's Pioneer Spirit by Liz Hobson and Mark Breske; Book Reviews: Engaging Communities in Museums: Sharing Vision, Creation and Development (rev. Lindsey Passenger Wieck); Partnership Power: Essential Museum Strategies for Today’s Networked World (rev. Shannon L. Haltiwanger); Doing History with Vedet Coleman-Robinson of the Association of African American Museums; Technical Leaflet #291: Telling Inclusive Stories When Your Collections Are Stuck in the Past by Meghan Gelardi Holmes, Steven Lubar,  Jessie MacLeod, William Stoutamire, and Carrie Villar.


History News Summer 2020
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