Live Webinar: Why History Matters: An Interview with Lynn Hunt

Recorded On: 08/28/2018

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As a history practitioner you know history matters, but does anyone else? In this AASLH webinar interview, Lynn Hunt, author of History: Why It Mattersand Tim Grove, History Relevance member, discuss the whys and hows of making history relevant to society today.


RECORDING DATE: August 28, 2018

COST: Free to all

Description & Outcomes:

This AASLH webinar presents an interview between author Lynn Hunt and History Relevance member Tim Grove about the whys and hows of communicating the relevance of history. Questions are drawn from Lynn's recent publication, History: Why It Matters. The webinar will include thirty minutes of interview and twenty minutes of Q&A with participants. 

Sample Interview Questions

  • Why is now a perfect time to advocate for the relevance of history?
  • How can we get the public more comfortable with the provisional nature of history?
  • Where do oral tradition, material culture, and photography intersect with the factual record? 

Participant Outcomes

  • Participants will gain new perspective on why history matters in 2018
  • Participants will gain new ideas for how to emphasize the value of history in their work and at their institution
  • Participants will use the perspectives and ideas shared in the webinar to shape their work moving forward


Lynn Hunt has her B.A. from Carleton College (1967) and her Ph.D. (1973) from Stanford University and as an emeritus professor now holds the title of Distinguished Research Professor at UCLA. Before going to UCLA as Eugen Weber Professor of Modern European History (1998-2013) she taught at the University of Pennsylvania (1987-1998) and UC Berkeley (1974-1987). She has authored, co-authored or edited books on the origins of human rights, the French Revolution, historical method and epistemology, time in history, the eighteenth century sources of religious toleration as well as the history of pornography and has co-authored textbooks on western civilization and the French Revolution. Her books have been translated into fourteen languages. She was President of the American Historical Association in 2002 and awarded the Nancy Lyman Roelker Award for graduate mentorship by the American Historical Association in 2010. She won distinguished teaching awards at Berkeley (1977) and UCLA (2013). Her new textbook on the French Revolution and Napoleon, co-authored with Jack Censer, was published  in 2017, and her book on History: Why It Matters was published in 2018. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1991), Member of the American Philosophical Society (2003), and Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy (2014).

Tim Grove recently started Grove History Consulting after twenty years at the Smithsonian Institution. His focus is helping museums and history sites be more relevant to their audiences and produce more engaging products and programs. He's co-founder of the History Relevance initiative and program chair of the upcoming AASLH conference in Kansas City. He's also author of four books, including The Museum Educator's Manual and a career memoir, A Grizzly in the Mail and Other Adventures in American History. 


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Why History Matters: An Interview with Lynn Hunt
Recorded 08/28/2018
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