Recorded Webinar: Choosing a Collections Management System

Recorded On: 07/30/2019

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Is your organization planning on acquiring a Collections Management System (CMS)? This webinar will help you plan the process whether you are acquiring a CMS for the first time or changing to a new one. You’ll learn about the important steps in putting together an RFP and how to prepare for a transition into a new system. 

Speakers Shelia Carey and Jessica Jenkins are co-authors of the forthcoming Technical Leaflet: Choosing a Collections Management System. Webinar participants will receive a copy of the Technical Leaflet.


RECORDED DATE: July 30, 2019

COST: $15 Members / $30 Nonmembers



Sheila Carey has worked for over 20 years in the heritage information field, first at the Getty Information Institute, and, since 1998 at the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN). She researches digital cultural content presentation, use and retrieval with a particular interest in online collections. Recently Sheila has been working on updating CHIN’s collections management system products and working with the CHIN team to advance CHIN’s linked data work.


Jessica D. Jenkins is the Curator at Minnetrista in Muncie. She holds a BA in History from Quincy University, Quincy, IL, and an MA in Public History from Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT. Ms. Jenkins has been working in museums and cultural institutions for over ten years, specializing in collection and exhibition curation. In addition to developing and designing numerous exhibitions focused on local history and fine art, Ms. Jenkins has also authored several publications on topics ranging from woman suffrage to World War I poster art. She has worked extensively with educators, overseen environmental monitoring programs, and executed collections management, registration duties, and policy development. In 2017 she participated in Developing History Leaders @ the Seminar for Historical Administration. Ms. Jenkins currently serves on the Collection Management Software Task Force for the American Association for State and Local History, and is a member of the LGBT Advisory Committee at the Indiana Historical Society. 


Recorded Webinar - Choosing a Collections Management System
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Technical Leaflet #286
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Choosing a CMS Slides Handout
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