Recorded Webinar: Museums and Healing: For Ourselves and for Our Publics

Recorded On: 01/17/2023

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Webinar Description

The profound loss and emotional turmoil of the past two years continue, in various ways, to affect our society. Themes of anxiety, fear, and loneliness populate the headlines. Returning to one’s workplace—no matter what type of workplace it is—has often been rife with stress and uncertainty. In his keynote for the 2021 annual meeting of the Association of African American Museums, founding donor Robert F. Smith emphasized that people’s “emotional looking after” was as high a priority as their physical and financial needs, both within and beyond museums. In this webinar, three contributors to the recent volume, Change Is Required: Preparing for the Post-Pandemic Museum, discuss ways in which museums can support healing and care for their staffs and volunteers as well as provide equally nurturing experiences for members of their communities. This webinar is co-presented by AASLH and

 The panelists are:

  1. Andrea Jones, Associate Director of Education for Smithsonian's Anacostia Museum
  2. Izetta Autumn Mobley, Director of Interpretation, Collections and Education at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of African American History
  3. Mariruth Leftwich, Senior Director, Museum Operations and Education, Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation


The discussion will be moderated by Avi Decter and Marsha Semmel, co-editors of Change Is Required.

 Change Is Required is part of the AASLH Book Series and available to purchase through Rowman & Littlefield. AASLH members receive 20% off all our books.



Recording and Captioning

This webinar originally occurred on January, 17, 2023. This is a recording. Access the Recorded Webinar in the AASLH Resource Center after the event has passed. Registrants of this event receive complimentary access to the recording in their Dashboard.

Captioning was provided for the live event. 

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