Recorded Webinar: STEPS Orientation (February 2023)

Recorded On: 02/14/2023

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Webinar Description


Is your organization one of the 1,100 organizations already enrolled in the Standards and Excellence Program for History Organizations (STEPS)? Perhaps you are new to the program, or maybe your organization enrolled some time ago and is ready to jump back in with the updated workbook. All organizations enrolled in STEPS are invited to take part in this free orientation and refresher webinar to learn about the updated workbook, how to access the new online STEPS Community, getting recognition for progress made by your organization, and more. We’ll also answer your questions about STEPS and show you a few examples of organizations that have successfully used the program to make meaningful changes. We encourage inviting any staff, board members, or volunteers at your organization to join. 

Note: This webinar is only for organizations that have paid the STEPS enrollment fee. Organizations considering the program are invited to register for the “Is Your Organization Ready for Self-Assessment? An Introduction to STEPS” webinar taking place on March 8, 2023. 

Ashley Bouknight-Claybrooks

Senior Manager of Professional Development


Dr. Ashley Bouknight-Claybrooks currently serves as the Senior Manager of Professional Development for the American Association for State and Local History, and was formerly Curator at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. Prior to her work in Nashville, she served as a community educator and museum consultant for various museums, historic sites, and neighborhood history projects in the southeast. She received a Masters of Arts in Public History and a Certificate in Museum Management from the University of South Carolina and a Bachelor of Arts in Historic Preservation and Community Planning from the College of Charleston. She received a Ph.D. in Public History from Middle Tennessee State University. Her research focuses on collections management theory, intersectionality and inclusivity in museums, and community outreach.

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