Recorded Webinar: Steps to Environmental Sustainability

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Steps to Environmental Sustainability (StEPs Lab 10) is an AASLH Continuing Education recorded webinar. This webinar is about how it’s possible to align your mission and environmental goals for the benefit of your organization. This event is presented by Sarah Sutton and is part of the StEPs Lab Series. Environmental sustainability offers important pathways for strengthening your organization and improving its relevance within the community. Guest speaker Sarah Sutton of Sustainable Museums begins the webinar by discussing the relationship between environmental sustainability and history museums and historic sites, and highlights the basic alignments that create positive financial and social returns. She then discusses energy audits and how to get one – hopefully for free, and then moves on to identifying environmental practices that support historic interpretation and museum operations. Sarah also discusses creating a strategy for increased environmental sustainability that aligns with your goals and strategic plan from buildings and landscapes, to community presence. There is no singular path to a green future; it is entirely tied to the mission and opportunities of your organization. Let’s see what great opportunities we can discover for your site! This webinar is part of the StEPs Lab series of online continuing education offered to both StEPs program participants and all others interested in environmental sustainability for historic structures. This is StEPs Lab 10.


Steps to Environmental Sustainability
Open to view video.
Open to view video. This AASLH Recorded Webinar explores how it’s possible to align your mission and environmental goals for the benefit of your organization.