Technical Leaflet 197: Interpreting Food History

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Interpreting Food History is an AASLH Technical Leaflet. AASLH Technical Leaflets are brief, practical guides on how to do history. Technical Leaflet #197 by Sandra Oliver tackles the rise in scholarship of the burgeoning field of food history. Food is a topic that is relevant to every person. She discusses how to create sophisticated programs and exhibits about food ways and provides examples of ways to integrate food history into programming. Her tips for research and how to use collections for interpretation of food and the customs associated with it are helpful for any organization looking to incorporate food history into its narrative and programming. Practical concerns are also discussed, such as staff training and daily operations of food programs. For more information on similar topics, please refer to Technical Leaflet Bundle 18, Programs for Your Public.


Interpreting Food History
Open to download resource.
Open to download resource. This AASLH Technical Leaflet discusses the rise in scholarship of the burgeoning field of food history.