Technical Leaflet 250: Managing Through Hard Times

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Managing Through Hard Times is an AASLH Technical Leaflet. AASLH Technical Leaflets are brief, practical guides on how to do history. Technical Leaflet #250 by Thomas M. Costello and Patricia E. Williams address the economic difficulties and budget cuts faced by numerous historic institutions and cultural agencies. Principals of the Cultural Resources Management Group, they provide insights for leaders of institutions experiencing cuts and planning for the future. Costello and Williams address practical ways to approach problems and form solutions that will help shape the future of the organization in a positive way. Topics include reducing personnel expenses, building revenue, and implementing change. Helpful charts and questions guide leaders of historical institutions in thinking about how to address budget cuts in tough economic times.


Managing Through Hard Times
Open to download resource.
Open to download resource. This AASLH Technical Leaflet provides insights for leaders of institutions experiencing cuts and planning for the future.