Technical Leaflet 282: Inclusive Interpretation Tips

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Inclusive Interpretation Tips is an AASLH Technical Leaflet. AASLH Technical Leaflets are brief, practical guides on how to do history. Technical Leaflet #282 by Seema Rao tackles a concrete method to develop diverse interpretation. How can you expand and diversify museum visitors? Consider what you are offering. Are you inviting them to find something relevant to what you are offering? Are you offering something that feels relevant? The former question characterizes a museum-centered approach. Visitor-centered interpretation, on the other hand, is about developing ideas that feel relevant to diverse audiences. Seema Rao of Brilliant Idea Studio presents a step-by-step approach to assessing your museum's interpretation with respect to inclusion and provides practical tips for creating experiences and exhibits that amplify diverse voices and invite participation and reflection by all types of visitors.


Inclusive Interpretation Tips
Open to download resource.
Open to download resource. This AASLH Technical Leaflet outlines a concrete method to develop diverse interpretation.